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For those of you that don’t know us we are the current owners of both Thanet Aerials & Thanet Locksmiths and have decided to open this new business due to the request of many of our customers.

We came up with the idea of starting a small handyman business in October 2020, it wasn't because we needed the work it was because there are thousands of people like yourselves that are desperately trying to get someone to do some small jobs and cannot find anyone to do them, because whoever you ring up either doesn't have the time for such a small job or the job simply isn't worth any money to them.

This is where Your Local Handyman- Thanet comes in, we choose to do the small jobs that others haven’t the time to do, from replacing the battery in your chirping smoke alarm to re tuning your TV or fixing you wonky shelf.

So if it’s something small just give us a call.









Call us today to make an appointment on 07971 84 93 58


Covering the complete CT postal code including:-

Margate - Ramsgate - Cliftonville - Westgate - Broadstairs - Manston - Birchington - Acol - Cliffsend - Minster - Monkton - St Nicholas.


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